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How to Use ChemiCloud Ad Banners

Sometimes an affiliate may wish to use a banner ad instead of a written article or blog post. In cases like that, ChemiCloud provides banners in the Affiliate Portal that our affilaites are welcome to use in their marketing strategies.

How to Use ChemiCloud Ad Banners

Setting up ad banners on your site can be done a number of ways. In this article we will break the process down into a few easy steps that you can repeat any time you want to inject a banner ad into one of your sites or pages.

1. Where will it go?

Not every page will be a perfect place for your ChemiCloud banner ad, however, you can use these tips to narrow it down a bit.

Place it in your ChemiCloud Reviews – If you have review articles or comparisons, placing the banner ad on the side or in-line throughout the article in a notable space can serve as a call-to-action, and draw customers through to visit us(and maybe make a purchase!).

Place it on tech articles – If you write about hosting, websites, or really anything with an IT topic or theme it’s a great place to insert a banner ad down the side of the article or post.

Add it into a sponsor page – Some websites have a page dedicated to the sponsors that they work with. Adding your ChemiCloud banner there is a great way to call attention.

There could be other great pages to add your banner ad – review your site and see what you think!

2. Obtaining a banner.

Now that you know where you want to put one or more banner ads on your website, you’ll want to get the banner itself so that you can use it.

ChemiCloud provides banners with active campaigns that affiliates are encouraged to make use of in their marketing. You can find them if you log into your Affiliate Portal, and then select Promotions from the left-side menu.

Now, choose Banners & Links. Once we’ve selected Banners & Links we’ll have some sorting options to choose from. Scroll down, and you’ll see any current banners. Along with them will be any promo info(what Campaign those banners belong to) and the commission for sales made using that promotion.

The 2nd image here shows a banner from our Winter Sale(going on now – Winter 2022-2023 season).

3. Using your Banner.

You can get the code or link for the banner you choose(there’s several types available) and add that to your website. Doing so will let the banner display on your website and directs to ChemiCloud. Clicking ‘Generate Code’ even embeds your Affiliate ID into the code so the banner will track your sales! There’s no extra step to ensure you get your referrals.

Add the code onto the page(s) you want to advertise on, check it a few times to make sure it looks right to you, and then you’re all set!

A few tips.

Just a few helpful hints to make sure your banner ads are a hit!

  1. Don’t overdo it! One ChemiCloud banner ad per page or post is plenty.
  2. Also, don’t put the same banner on every page. Mix it up so it doesn’t get stale.
  3. Test changes before moving on. You don’t want to miss anything important.
  4. Get feedback. The more honest, the better! Honest feedback helps you improve.
  5. Don’t just do banners. While they help, a genuine story about the service or brand really helps.
  6. Ask questions. If you’re unsure about something, reach out to your Affiliates Manager*.

*This one really counts for anything you need as our affiliate! Ask away!



Updated on December 28, 2022

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