How a Creative Posse Remained Productive During a Pandemic

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Patrick Meijer has always had a love for many things but is perhaps most passionate about Web Design, Travel, and the Beach. Originally from the Netherlands, Patrick spent 14 years of his adult life traveling through Asia and another 6 living in between the Netherlands and Ibiza. After returning to Europe in 2014, he wanted to do something he enjoyed while also being able to travel and enjoy Earth’s natural beauty. From this, Web Design Posse was born and has become Patrick’s full-time work. 

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Patrick Meijer, Owner, Web Design Posse

Their Challenge

Create exceptional web content for clients, pandemic, or not!

Patrick spent 14 years in Asia and at one point owned a Health Foods Café in Thailand. Having traveled through some really remote parts of the World, Patrick knew how important it was to have a web presence to draw in customers. 

As travelers use sites/apps such as TripAdvisor to check out where to eat, drinks next, not only will their TripAdvisor ratings draw customers, but having a website allows the potential customers to check out their menu for example. Everyone travels with a smartphone these days so web presence (especially when remote) can make a massive difference in whether people will know about you or not, and thus visit you or not,” said Patrick Meijer when I asked him about his travels and using the Internet to those hidden gems in obscure locations. 

The Solution

Web Design Posse – Where Everything Is Possible! 

Web Design Posse is a group (hence the name ‘posse’) of freelancers who come together if needed for a project. Like this, we can offer more than just web design, such as graphic design, videography and photography, SEO/SEM and copywriting and social media services without the need to open a large office and employ people who specialize in all these aspects. 

Patrick’s team live by their slogan – “Where Everything Is Possible” – “With the team we have, it’s virtually not possible to say ‘no’. And in the unlikely event, we are being asked for something we can’t achieve within our team, we’ll simply look for someone outside so that our clients will always be able to be served,” said Patrick Meijer when I inquired about the meaning behind the slogan. 

While their team has excellent tools like Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite, which includes Dreamweaver and Photoshop, as well as other professional editing tools like Final Cut Pro, something was missing – excellent web hosting. Patrick and the entire team at Web Design Posse want to be the one-stop-shop for their clients. 

Perhaps it was meant to be, perhaps coincidence, but Patrick found his way to ChemiCloud and when asked about his experience with our Web Hosting Services thus far said, “Even the largest, most reputable ones don’t live up to their name. I came across you guys by accident and I am so happy. Your services are very reliable and your staff (and support) are extremely friendly and helpful.” 

The Results

Well, They Speak For Themselves!

Even during the Pandemic which affected the entire World in 2020, Patrick and his Posse have been able to continue offering their creative services by having a geographically distributed and remote team. 

When I asked Patrick Meijer about using remote collaboration apps such as Google’s new Meet conferencing app, Zoom, and whiteboard apps like Miro, he said “without such tools, communication would be much slower and projects would take much more time to complete.” While Web Design Posse prefers to meet with their clients in person, they are a remote team first which has enabled them to quickly adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

“As we are big fans of co-creation, our clients (if they wish) are actively involved in the creation of their websites, and being able to use collaboration apps allows us to work together, even while far apart or socially distanced”, said Patrick Meijer on the subject of what it was like to meet with clients nowadays. 

Q&A with Patrick Meijer

As many of our readers are new to applications like Web Design, and even Web Hosting itself, I wanted to bend the ear of Patrick while we were on our interview and ask him some questions about Getting Started With WordPress and if he had any favorite themes or plugins. 

Q: What are some must-have WordPress themes or plugins you install when you create a website for a client?

A: Our go-to WordPress theme is Avada. Some of our favorite plugins are All in One Migration (for both migrations and backups), WP Reset Pro, RankMath SEO, WP Rocket, WP Forms, and ShortPixel.

Q: What would you say to someone who’s just getting started with WordPress but might be hesitant because it seems complicated?

A: Take baby steps. Rome wasn’t built in one day either. I was put off by WP at first as I came in with an HTML mindset and so WordPress threw me off. I persisted though, tried to be as open-minded as I could, and allowed myself to make plenty of mistakes. My mistakes taught me the most.

Huge thanks to Patrick Meijer for taking the time to speak with us and share information about his company! If you’re in Ibiza or Holland and looking for a group of creative professionals to build a beautiful website or help with video production, definitely reach out to Web Design Posse!

If you enjoyed this interview, then you’ll love ChemiCloud’s hosting platform. We run our services on top-notch technology and take support seriously. Check out our plans!

Patrick also shared with us some beautiful photos from his travels:

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