Unlimited Web Hosting: Busting The Myth



Unlimited web hosting sounds like the perfect solution for your website needs, but is it as unlimited as you think? In this blog post, we’ll explore what’s behind the myth of “unlimited” web hosting and uncover its benefits and limitations.

We’ll assist you in deciding if a limitless package suits your requirements.

So get ready to learn more about how “unlimited” web hosting works – no strings attached.

What is unlimited web hosting?

Unlimited web hosting is a hosting service that claims to offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and other resources to customers. However, in reality, unlimited web hosting is not truly unlimited. While the provider may not place specific limits on usage, there are still practical limitations that must be considered.

Is unlimited web hosting really unlimited?

The short answer is no.

For example, all web hosting servers have finite resources, and if one customer is using a disproportionate amount of server resources, it can affect the performance of other customers’ websites on the same server. To prevent this, many web hosting providers have implemented “fair usage” policies that place soft limits on certain types of usage, such as excessive CPU usage, high traffic volumes, or large file storage.

In addition, some providers may reserve the right to limit or suspend service to a customer who is using an excessive amount of resources. While these limits are typically only enforced in cases of abuse or overuse, it is important to be aware that unlimited web hosting is not truly unlimited, and there may be limits in practice.

What are the Limitations of Unlimited Web Hosting?

Regarding web hosting, the term “unlimited” can be misleading. While unlimited web hosting plans do offer a lot of features and benefits, there are certain limitations that come with them.


Most unlimited web hosting plans have bandwidth limits. Before signing up, ensure you understand the restrictions on bandwidth usage by carefully reading your plan’s terms and conditions. It is essential to look over the details of your plan prior to signing up so that you can be sure of what limitations there are concerning bandwidth.

Resource Usage:

Unlimited plans also tend to limit resource usage in order to prevent one user from using too much CPU power or memory which could slow down all other sites hosted on the same server. If your website requires a lot of resources then this type of restriction could prove problematic for you in the long run and it might be worth considering upgrading your plan instead if possible.

Be sure to carefully read through any contracts prior to agreeing in order to avoid being taken for a ride and paying more than necessary further down the line. Utilize keywords such as “price-gouging”, “bait-and-switch tactics” and other relevant terms while ensuring proper grammar, spelling, punctuation is used throughout the text – no exclamation points.

It is essential to understand the limitations of unlimited web hosting before deciding. Evaluating if this hosting plan is suitable for your website requirements necessitates consideration.

Key Takeaway: Unlimited web hosting plans may sound great, but they can come with a few catches. Be sure to read the fine print and watch out for any hidden restrictions on bandwidth, disk space, or resource usage that could result in additional costs down the line. Be aware of what you’re committing to before taking the plunge.

“Unlimited” Web Hosting is Oversold

Busting the myth: If your business relies a lot on online activities, you should know that choosing the wrong hosting offer could become pretty costly for you. A slow-loading website is annoying and time-consuming, so prospects will rather leave your site and look at competitors’ offers than wait patiently until a page is loaded. 

So, I’m trying to say that there is no such thing as ”unlimited storage”. Storage is limited, like any other physical space. Data transmission is limited by infrastructure. And the price you’ll pay for a web hosting service reflects limited possibilities. 

If you do some research, you will find out that each web host that claims to offer unlimited hosting, as per the terms of its ‘Fair Usage Policy’ – which is often different from the Terms of Use. So make sure to double-check each web host resource usage policy.

”Unlimited storage” is, in fact, a marketing hook designed to draw your attention and convince you to buy. Behind this attractive marketing package stands an intuitive prerequisite. According to that, sites’ storage needs are very different from one to another. While your website requires a large storage amount, others will hardly need half of that. 

When it comes to reseller hosting, a common practice is to offer you unlimited storage and bandwidth, but in reality, you will be limited by the number of cPanel accounts you can create on your reseller.

At ChemiCloud, we prefer designing our product strategy based on the blue ocean theory: we offer reliable web hosting at fair prices.

We don’t believe in offering you “unlimited plans” that require costly upgrades sooner or later. We have clear terms of service and absolutely no hidden fees.

Checklist – to wisely choose your web hosting provider

  • over 80% of reviews are positive;
  • confirmed reliable support – by customers;
  • 99,99% Uptime guarantee;
  • no “unlimited storage” offers;
  • money-back policy;
  • allows you to migrate or build your website easily;
  • fast loading speed;
  • multiple server locations;
  • 24/7 server monitoring;
  • easy to use client area.


So, is unlimited web hosting that bad? Most likely, but that does not mean you should fear it. My point behind this article is to explain that while choosing a web hosting provider, you should not fall for marketing gimmicks that rely on over-using the word ‘Unlimited.’ Instead, your focus should be on web hosts who offer reliable 24/7 support and a solid uptime guarantee

Keeping all other features constant, a web host who promises you a limited GB of disk space for $9.95 per month is often better than a host who gives you “Unlimited Disk Space” for $9.95 or less per month.

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