Addon Services Fees

Along with your hosting account, our Lab will provide you access to request many different account “Addons” which will be additions to your hosting plan.

To view your hosting plan available Addons, please log into your Lab then click on ADDONS left-hand-side tab.

You can find each of these addons and their fees below.

SSL Certificates

Standard DV SSL

  • RapidSSL – $39.95 /year
  • GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium – $79.95 /year

Organization Validation SSL

  • GeoTrust True BusinessID – $99.95 /year

Extended Validation SSL

  • GeoTrust True Business ID with EV –  $249.00 /year

Wildcard SSL Certificate

  • RapidSSL Wildcard – $149.00 /yr

Let’s Encrypt – free of charge (Learn about the difference between free and paid SSL)

As we’re using SNI on our platform, there’s no need for an additional dedicated IP address in order to have an SSL installed.

Domain Privacy (ID Protection)

  • $8.95/year per domain name

WHMCS License

  • WHMCS Starter License: $11.95/mo
  • WHMCS Plus License: $16.95
  • WHMCS Professional License: $22.95
  • WHMCS Business License: $37.95

Managed Cloud VPS Automated Remote Backups

  • Chromium (50 GB) – $14.95/mo
  • Iron (80 GB) – $19.95/mo
  • Bronze (160 GB) – $34.95/mo
  • Silver (320 GB) – $59.95/mo

Dedicated IP address

With IPv4 IP addresses dwindling, we can offer dedicated IP address, only in specific server locations:

  • Web Hosting/WordPress Hosting/Reseller Hosting – $3/month each – available only in our Bucharest (Europe) server location.

For more information about IPv4, please see this Wikipedia article.

Server Location Migration

  • $10.00 fee to have account moved to a different server location [Web Hosting/WordPress Hosting]
  • $20.00 fee to have account moved to a different server location [Reseller/VPS Hosting]

Additional Blocks of cPanel accounts (Reseller Hosting)

  • 5 cPanel accounts: $5/mo
  • 10 cPanel accounts: $7.5/mo
  • 25 cPanel accounts: $10/mo
  • 50 cPanel accounts: $15/mo

For example, if your existing Reseller Hosting plan is Electron and you require 5 more cPanel accounts, you will be charged an additional $5 per month.

cPanel License Pricing (Cloud VPS Hosting)

  • cPanel Admin (up to 5 cPanel accounts): FREE
  • cPanel Pro (up to 30 cPanel accounts): $10/mo
  • cPanel Premier (up to 100 cPanel accounts): $25/mo
Updated on July 17, 2019

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