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How to Configure Default Email Address in cPanel

What is the Default Email Address?

In this short post we will cover how to configure a default Email address in cPanel. If you have had the curiosity to explore all the features within the Email section, you’ve surely came across the Default Address button.

The Default Address feature allows you to set up an Email address with the purpose of catching all the Email messages sent to invalid Email addresses associated with your domain. You also have the possibility to decide how these incoming Emails are handled. This can come in handy for example if you wish to verify if your domain is being the victim of spam attacks.

How to Configure Default Email Address in cPanel

In order to set up a default Email address, simply follow the next steps:

Step 1

Login to your cPanel account.

Step 2

Navigate to the Email section and click on the Default Address.

configure default email address

Step 3

Choose the desired domain from the drop down menu. If you have only one domain associated to your account, then you will only see the one.

configure default email address choose account
Step 4

  • Choose one of the available options from the bullet list. By default, the first option to Discard the email…will be checked. Make sure to enter an Auto-reply message in the Failure Message box, so that potential legitimate senders know they have emailed an invalid address.
  • The Forward to Email Address option will allow you to indicate a valid Email address which can store such “rogue” Emails.

By clicking on Advanced Options, you will uncover three additional options:

  • Forward to your system account will automatically route Emails to invalid addresses to your generic system email address.
  • The second option would be to Pipe to a Program. This allows you to store this type of misrouted Emails to a folder relative to your home directory. In the box, you must indicate the relative path to a folder you’ve created beforehand or is already created.
  • The last option is to Discard the Emails. This is not the same as the first option we discussed, because it does not reply anything to the sender. That is why this option is generally not recommended.

That’s about all. If you wish to read some additional information, make sure to check out the cPanel documentation on the topic as well.

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Updated on June 30, 2019

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