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Lab Overview

Lab is the place where we give you the tools and resources to manage and calibrate your hosting formula based on your particular needs and wants, like a real modern web alchemist.


In our Laboratory, you can manage your services, domains and subdomains and a lot more. To make our Lab even friendlier, we have customized its skin and organized the tools to offer a smooth user experience.


So, to help you get a better handle on where and how to manage it, just keep reading.



The main chemical compounds of our Lab are:



Your first interaction with our Lab is the Dashboard. From the very beginning, you can view your latest acquired hosting plans, domains, invoices or the status of your recently open tickets.

Here you can also see our latest news, where we provide useful info and some tips & tricks to get a better handle on managing your website.

The Dashboard gives you an overview image of all your activity and provides quick access to every element of your hosted platforms.
Meaning that you are 1 or 2 clicks away from each of your website’s control panel, email accounts, databases, files and much more, and at the same time, you have intuitive stats that help you easily keep track of your hosting plans, right from the first page of your very own Lab.



In this section you can seamlessly order a new hosting plan or an Add-on to your existing plans, depending on your businesses’ needs. Means that you can choose from our monthly/6 months/12 months/24 months cycle for each and every of hosting plan available. Just hit the Get Started button and complete the check-out form with your preferences and payment details, because your personal information will be automatically loaded from your account. The particulars of the service you just purchase will immediately appear in your Lab, right from the Dashboard.



When it comes to your Account settings, in the next section of the Lab, we offer you the possibility to change your Personal and Company info and Default billing information. You may also activate Sub-accounts and manage Notification Preferences. And, because we care about your account’s safety, you can make your password and security settings stronger by filling in the required fields. Keep in mind that we do not store any of your credit card info, so you don’t have to worry about that.



To see and manage the domains that you own, you have to access the Domains section from the left Menu bar. Here, besides keeping track of your domains due dates, managing the name servers or adding ID protection to them, you can also register a new one or even easily transfer an existing domain to us.


Now, here is where we get back to your Services but in a more detailed way. In this dedicated section, you can view all your plans, by easily sorting or searching through them. They display all the information that you need to keep track of, like the plan’s status, billing cycle or website usage stats like Disk Usage or Bandwidth Usage.

And like we mentioned in the Dashboard presentation, you can swiftly get access to your website’s Control Panel, files, databases and more through intuitive shortcut icons. You can also manage your hosting Add-ons and instantly create new e-mail accounts, just one click away.


My invoices

Here you can manage, view, download, sort and pay your invoices with ease, without having to keep track of them every time, the LAB does that for you. This section also gives you a general view of how you are financial with your hosting costs, enabling you to make better decisions when it comes to choosing the right billing cycles, and aligning them to your financial possibilities.

We’re sure that you will find all the above features great and useful, but there might come a time when you’ll need our help. When that time comes, go to the Support section in your LAB and just Open a ticket, we’ll get right on it!

To better keep track of the issues arisen, you can sort them out by subject, status or priority and see for yourself how fast and helpful our Support Team is. And while our Team is solving the request, you can find out more on the subject by browsing through our Knowledgebase or by checking out our Status page.

And, last but not least, did we tell you about our Free Migration offer?
That’s right, if you need assistance on that matter, just open a ticket here, it’s FREE of charge.



Making money has never been easier, especially when our website and plans generate high conversion rates. That means that the people who you send here are more likely to sign-up for hosting.


So, if you want to become an affiliate, go to the Lab’s final section and activate your Affiliates account. You’ll find there the source code for all the materials you need to promote ChemiCloud through your website. And after a while, you’ll see how the number of visitors referred, sign-ups, conversions, available commissions balance and total amount withdraw are rising.


Also, if you encounter issues through the process, you can always open a support ticket, and our team will guide you through it.


All in all, our Lab is that kind of platform where you can manage your hosting accounts with no hassle. For those who are reading this as new customers, if we aroused your interest, try our FREE Trial and convince yourself of our pledge to you.


And, do not forget that we are constantly trying to evolve in offering you the best hosting experience, and because this is our Lab’s first version, you will see along the way, many new and useful features that will prove its value even more.

Updated on July 2, 2019

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