Introducing WordPress Toolkit - Simplified Management for WordPress Websites

November 30, 2022

At ChemiCloud, we’re constantly looking for ways to add more value to our users. So today, we’re excited to announce a sweet new feature for our customers!

ChemiCloud now offers WordPress Toolkit on all WordPress HostingReseller Hosting, and Managed VPS Hosting plans. All at no additional cost! Using WordPress Toolkit to manage your websites will save you time and money in the long run.

Please find below more details of the new WordPress Toolkit feature.

What is WordPress Toolkit?

WordPress Toolkit is a feature-rich management interface in cPanel that allows you to install, configure, and manage your WordPress websites. 

Thanks to WordPress Toolkit, installing and managing your WordPress websites just got a lot easier. Like you, we’re fans of user-friendly software, which shines through with numerous helpful features. In addition, it’s got a massive range of tools to keep you on top of your WordPress websites—from staging, cloning, syncing, and updating to copying and more.

Our Favorite WordPress Toolkit Features

These key features make some of the more time-consuming tasks much more accessible, something that beginners and advanced users alike will appreciate. 

Smart WordPress Updates

If you’ve ever had your website break because of an update, you’ll love the new Smart Update feature offered in the WordPress Toolkit. Before applying any updates to your website in production, it will create a clone of your existing website and use the updates to the clone.

From there, it’ll run some checks and show you the results. Then, if everything looks good, you can apply the updates to your live website.

One-click Hardening WordPress Security

WordPress is so widely used that it has become a big target for attacks, which is why many WordPress websites get compromised. This is why WordPress Toolkit comes with a security advisor that will scan for and resolve potential security flaws in your website.

Even a rollback feature allows you to revert any security-related changes/updates if they cause any issues.

Themes and Plugins Management

Quickly find and install a plugin or theme on a WordPress instance or several instances simultaneously. Activate and deactivate plugins. Bulk remove plugins and themes that are not needed. Install plugins and theme sets on existing sites.

One click to rule them all

One click, one login. The WordPress Toolkit allows you to log in to the WordPress admin dashboard by clicking a single button.

Staging and Cloning

Suppose you need to do some testing or want to make significant changes to your website. Then, using the WordPress Toolkit, you can easily clone your existing website onto a staging/development sub-domain (e.g.,

WordPress Toolkit also allows you to push database changes from your staging to the live website. You can even push specific tables of the database to the live website.

...And many more features that you will love! 

How to use WordPress Toolkit

To make things easier, WordPress Toolkit is already available in your cPanel. So you won’t have to opt in or do anything on your end.

We've put together a list of Knowledge base articles on how to install, import, and manage websites using the WordPress Toolkit: 

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If you're not already a customer, signing up for one of our WordPress HostingReseller Hosting or Managed VPS Hosting plans is a great way to get access to this helpful feature.

As always, we welcome your feedback. If you have any questions regarding this new feature, contact us!