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How to Create an Email Forwarder in cPanel

Email forwarding in cPanel is a function (rule) available for all mail clients, which allows you to redirect messages from one (or more) account(s) to another E-mail address. This address remains undisclosed to the sender.

You can also redirect all mail traffic sent towards a given domain name (@example.com) and catch it into one single Email address.

How to Create an Email Forwarder in cPanel

This tutorial assumes that you are already logged into your cPanel.

1. Navigate to EMAIL section and click on Forwarders

cPanel > Email > Forwarders
cPanel > Email > Forwarders

2. Click on Add Forwarder blue button.

3. Next, type in the email address on your domain which you want to forward.

4. If you manage multiple domains in the same cPanel, choose the relevant domain from the Domain drop down

5. For the Destination, you must type in the Email Address to which you want to forward.

6. Click on Add Forwarder

Now click on Go Back and you will see a list of all Email accounts which will be forwarded.

In conclusion, setting up Email forwarders is an easy way to manage multiple email addresses. Now that you know how to set up Email forwarders, you will save time, manpower and become more efficient.  

Updated on July 2, 2019

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