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How to use Mailing Lists in cPanel

General Information

Today we are going to cover how to create and use mailing lists in cPanel. If you are not already familiar with the concept, mailing lists allow you to use a single email address to send mail to multiple recipients. Whether you’re working in a business environment, or simply using it for online marketing purposes, mailing lists play an important role in business to customer relationships. If managed properly and understood, they can be an effective strategy to boost sales and efficiently manage your customer/user base.

Keep in mind that adding addresses to your mailing lists without user approval may result in spam reports and unwanted email traffic. It is a commonly used best-practice that you offer users the option to unsubscribe.

Another important note is that, in order to manage mailing lists, cPanel uses a third-party web application called Mailman. You can read more instructions about this software by following this article.

How to Create Mailing Lists in cPanel

Now let’s see how you can actually set up a mailing list.

1. Login to your cPanel domain account.

2. Navigate to the Email section and click on Mailing Lists.

Use Mailing Lists in cPanel

3. Select the domain you wish to add a mailing list to. If you are managing only one domain, this won’t be necessary.

4. Next, enter a List Name and Password in the appropriate boxes. Make sure to add a strong enough password for your list.

Create Mailing lists in Cpanel

5. Choose whether to grant Public or Private access to your new mailing list.

  • In the case of private access, the administrator will be required to approve subscriptions, while the Mailman application will not show the mailing list.
  • For public access, subscriptions are not moderated, while Mailman displays the mailing list.

6. Click Add. You should now be able to see your newly created mailing list at the bottom of the page.

Current Mailing Lists

How to use Mailing Lists in cPanel

At the bottom of the Mailing lists page, you will see a table view with all created lists. Here you can access a series of important Functions:

  • Delete – the delete function allows you to remove the mailing list, along with all its private and public information. This is the first function, which you can find along the same line as the List Name.

Delete Mailing lists

  • Change Password – allows you to change the password of any given list, without any user approval.

change password mailing lists

  • Manage – as we were stating above, mailing lists in cPanel are managed with the help of the Mailman web application. You can access Mailman by clicking on Manage. We highly recommend that you make yourself acquainted with this interface by reading its documentation first. You can also learn more by watching this helpful video.

Manage Mailing lists

Delegation – this function allows you to assign admin rights to specified list users. Be very careful to whom you delegate rights, as this feature may bring with it certain security risks. In order to access this function, simply click on Delegation and follow steps 1, 2 and 3 from the image below.
Delegation mailing lists
In conclusion, mailing lists are a definite must-have in online marketing and a very good way to manage your customer or user base. Fortunately, cPanel and Mailman make the creation and usage of mailing lists pretty straight forward.

As always, if you still have questions, feel free to message us on our online chat. Thank you for using the ChemiCloud Services!

Updated on June 30, 2019

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