How to Clone a Website Using Softaculous

Softaculous has some pretty handy features, including the ability to clone your website.

Let’s say you’re a WordPress designer and you do sites for clients. In your WordPress setup, you have a base configuration of X plugins and X themes you always start with. You can create this site in Softaculous, then clone it each time you get a new client.

Super handy! This Knowledge Base article will cover how to clone a website in Softaculous.

How to clone a website using Softaculous

Step 1: Login to your cPanel. There’s a lot of ways to do this, but the sure fire easiest way is to login to your Client Area, then open your cPanel.

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Step 2: Scroll down to the Software section and open the Softaculous Apps Installer .


Step 3: When Softaculous opens, click the blue Installations button to see a list of your Installations.


If you don’t see your WordPress installations in the list, you can import them into Softaculoius very easily. Just follow our guide on Importing your Site into Softaculous here.

Step 4: Click the Clone icon on the same line as the site you wish to clone.

Step 5: On the Cloning WordPress page, you have a few settings. Let’s examine them:

At the top, you need to choose the directory in which you wish to install the cloned site. This can be at the root of your domain, for example:, or it can be in another folder, such as /client1 or /site2.

After this, you need to choose the name of the database. If you keep track of your databases by naming them, this would be where you would enter the name of that new database. Or you can just insert a random number at the end.


You will not be able to proceed unless you give a new database name. The field is pre-populated with the name of the database the site you are cloning uses.

Beneath Site settings, you have the option to disable search engine visibility for the new site. Remember, not all search engines will respect this option.

You also have the option to enter the Site Name. This is optional, you can configure this later in WordPress if you want.

Lastly, when you ready, click Clone Installation.

Softaculous will do a check to ensure the settings are okay and will clone the site:

After the clone is complete, you will see a success message:

And that’s it! Now you have cloned your WordPress site!

Updated on April 4, 2022

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