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How to Add Collaborators to Your SiteGround Account

Available with all SiteGround plans, Collaborators features allow you to easily provide access to your website(s) to a designer or developer.  As the account owner, you will remain in control with full privileges to add access to the account and the Billing part.

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In this Knowledge Base article, we will cover how you can easily add collaborators to your SiteGround account.

How to Add Collaborators to Your SiteGround Account

Step 1) Click here to open the SiteGround login page. After it opens in your browser, go ahead and log in.

SiteGround login


Step 2) After logging in, hover over the Websites tab in the main menu then click on the Collaborations sub-tab:
Collaboration Websites
Step 3) Once you are on the Collaboration Websites page, there’s an option at the bottom of the page to click here and add a new collaborator.  Or you can access this page directly in your web browser.

Step 4) Once you are on the Users and Roles page, please click on the Add New User button

Step 5) You will be presented with two options. Please choose Collaborator

Step 6) Choose the website in question, fill in the details of the collaborator and click Add User

Pro Tip: If you are adding ChemiCloud Support to your SiteGround website, be sure to use the email address in the screenshot below.

An invitation will be sent out to the collaborator’s email address and you will see their user in the List of Users with Pending Activation status.

And that’s it. Now you’ve learned how to add collaborators to your SiteGround account.

Updated on March 18, 2022
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