Inodes Add-on

Our Inodes add-on lets you quickly increase the inodes limit of any cPanel account on your reseller with an additional 250 000 inodes

Each cPanel account on your reseller comes with 250 000 inodes included, so by purchasing the Inodes add-on, you would have 500 000 available inodes.

In case you've reached your default inodes limit, besides removing any unused files from your site, you now have the option to add the Inodes Add-on.

Inodes Add-on Pricing

Available Products: Reseller Hosting

Additional Inodes250 000 $2.95/mo per cPanel account


The Inodes add-on can be used for your primary Reseller cPanel account or any resold cPanel account but can't be transferred between cPanel accounts.

This add-on has no money-back guarantee period and can be canceled anytime.

How to Purchase the Inodes Add-on

As a ChemiCloud customer with a reseller hosting plan, you can easily activate the Inodes add-on for your desired cPanel account from your client area by following the steps below: 

1) Log in to your Client Area.
2) In the Active Services tab, locate the reseller plan to which you want to add the add-on, then click the Manage Product icon.

3) On the Product Details page, scroll down to the Addons and Extras section. Then click the drop-down menu and select the Additional Inodes add-on from the list. 

4) Click the Purchase and Activate button and process the order. 

As a ChemiCloud customer, pro-rata billing is applied when you purchase the add-on. Our system will syncronize the addon due date with the parent Reseller Hosting plan's due date.

If you're not already a customer, signing up for one of our reseller hosting plans is a great way to benefit from this helpful add-on.

Note: Once you submit your order, it's a few minutes until the new Inodes limit will reflect inside your cPanel account. 


What is an "inode"?

An inode equals one file, folder, email, or Unix object in a file system. The number of inodes on your account equals the number of files and folders you have.

How can I check the Inodes usage in cPanel?

Once logged into your cPanel account, search the statistics section on the right-hand side and see the current inodes usage.

Should you have any questions regarding this product, contact us!