MailChannels Outbound Email Filtering

The IP Blacklisting era is over – Stop worrying about your mail delivery rates!

If you're sick of having your emails flagged as spam by the recipient's mail server, then MailChannels Outbound Filtering is the solution for you. 

MailChannels is a secure SMTP relay service that protects your server's IP reputation, stops outbound spam, and ensures your mail reaches the recipient's inbox.

How does MailChannels work?

Emails sent on your servers will be routed through the MailChannels pool of IP addresses rather than your server’s IP address. This provides two main benefits:

1. MailChannels maintain a large pool of IP addresses, which can be rotated if they become blacklisted - meaning blacklisting IPs can be removed and replaced quickly.

2. Due to the reputation of MailChannels, many providers trust the messages to have already undergone additional checks for spam and will score messages more favorably. This means your emails will go into the inbox rather than be filtered into a junk folder.

MailChannels Outbound Email Filtering Pricing

Available Products: VPS Hosting

MailChannelsSingle cPanel user$2.95/mo
MailChannelsUp to 30 cPanel users$5.95/mo
MailChannelsUp to 250 cPanel users$8.95/mo
MailChannelsUnlimited cPanel users$11.95/mo

As a ChemiCloud customer with a VPS hosting plan, you can easily purchase or upgrade your MailChannels Outbound Email Filtering add-on by opening a ticket with our Billing department. 

If you're not already a customer, signing up for one of our VPS Hosting plans is a great way to get access to this helpful add-on.

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