Cloud Remote Backup

If something wrong happens, just go back in time. Cloud Remote Backup will give you peace of mind.
Let's say you accidentally break your website (whoops). Or maybe your website got hacked. If any of these scenarios happens, you'll wish you had a backup of your website to rely on. A copy of your website that allows you to go back in time and pretend this never happened.

Our Cloud Remote Backup add-on protects your data with daily, automatic backups you can access anytime using the JetBackup interface in cPanel. That way, you can worry less about backing up your data and more about customers.

With daily offsite backups, you can restore up to 30 days of backups at any time from your cPanel using JetBackup. What's more, you can easily choose what kind of restoration you'd like to do for your site, whether it's a single file, database, email, or the entire cPanel account. 

Don't be left without backups when you need them!

Cloud Remote Backup Pricing

Available Products: VPS Hosting

Backup Storage
JetBackup License
Cloud Remote Backup80 GBIncluded$9.95
Cloud Remote Backup
160 GBIncluded
Cloud Remote Backup
320 GBIncluded
Cloud Remote Backup
640 GBIncluded
Cloud Remote Backup
1280 GBIncluded

As a ChemiCloud customer with a VPS hosting plan, you can easily purchase the Cloud Remote Backups add-on by opening a ticket with our Billing department. 

If you're not already a customer, signing up for one of our VPS Hosting plans is a great way to get access to this helpful add-on.

If you have any questions regarding this product, contact us!