How can I increase my odds of conversion?

John Mc

John Mc

A fantastic question, and one we should be mindful of. Increasing your odds of conversion improves the value of your work, and the strength of the return.

1 – Research

Our first piece of advice is research. Learn about the products you’re promoting, so that you understand them. When you do, the way you talk or write about them will carry more authority and certainty. That sort of thing carries over directly to your audience.

2 – Research

The second piece of advice is more research. Not just about the product, you’ll want to expand your view to include your own market – promoting. If you do reviews, learn who your competitors are. Try and find review sites and see what they appear to do well, and what you may not agree with. It’ll help shape your own strategy.

3 – Quality

Third is to consider the production quality of your work – using images can help convey feelings, and clever on-topic language can capture the attention of your audience. The more you pour into the creative side, the more professional and appealing your content may be!

4 – Multiple Platforms

Fourth is to try multiple platforms or methods of marketing. This can include a Blog site where you discuss experiences in the world or with products, reviews and comparisons, industry-specific Reddit threads or discussion boards for marketing or web hosting topics, YouTube videos, and more. See what’s out there, consider what you feel works best and start there.

5 – Honesty

Our fifth tip is probably the most important one. And that’s to be honest in your advertising. It goes back to understanding what you’re promoting – but it’s even more than that. Be straight-forward and clear in your descriptions of products and services, and don’t embellish on the nature of them. If you’re honest and clear people will trust your content more. Misleading your audience will have a negative effect, and offers no advantages whatsoever.

6 – Scheduling

Closing this article, we’re providing a sixth tip which is to schedule your content. Publishing once and forgetting about it will have diminishing returns – if any at all. Instead, find a schedule you’re comfortable with and post something on a fairly regular basis. Doing so will keep you motivated and working toward your goals while also providing your site with more content, pages, and links – and these will draw in a growing stream of visitors to engage with you. It doesn’t have to mean full-time work, however as with most pursuits – you’ll get out of it what you put into it.

Thanks again! Feel free to send us your questions!

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