How to use SubID Tracking

John Mc

John Mc

How to use SubID Tracking in the Affiliate System

The use of a SubID your Affiliate URL can be a creative way to track propagation of your Affiliate Links as you grow your Affiliate membership.

This Article will describe how to use the Affiliate SubID Tracking in the Affiliate System.

How to use SubID Tracking in the Affiliate System

The SubID Tracking can be made using Channels. For additional tracking and statistics, you can append up to 2 custom parameters, data1 and data2, to your Affiliate URL.

These parameters will be transferred also to the tracked commission, so you will know exactly what link led to the commission.

To create a channel for your data1 or data2 SubID, follow the instructions in our Article on How to Create an Ad Channel in the Affiliate System.

The code that you assign to the channel will be what you can use in the space of data1 or data2.

For example, if you add a channel for Discord and you set a code of discord1, you would use this as follows in your Affiliate Link URL:

https:// /#affiliateIDhere&data1=discord1

This is very important for statistics as it helps you measure where your link is being used and where it originated.

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