Winter Sale ’23

John Mc

John Mc

The ChemiCloud Winter Sale is upon us!

Winter Sale ’23

We’ve got deals on just about everything!

Shared and WordPress Hosting

All our Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting plans offer 70% off savings! Not only that, they all include free SSL, and annual(or longer) plans each get a 1-year free domain registration.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting plans can enjoy their first month of service at 70% off! It’s super easy to start a business with ChemiCloud, or, migrate your existing one over to us – we will even do the migration!

Cloud VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting customers can enjoy up to 50% off on their first month with us! Unlock the full (and customizable) VPS platform and take your business further with a ChemiCloud Cloud VPS!

Domain Registrations

We’ve worked hard to secure some amazing deals on the best and hottest new domain TLDs! Your audience can enjoy upward to 84% off domains for a limited time!

If transferring in – the code TRANSFER20 will grant existing domains a 20% discount when customers are bringing their domains to ChemiCloud!

In closing

Be sure to use these features in your marketing and content! By leveraging our deals, you inform your readers and listeners of them, and when they can benefit from our service they sign up  – and we all win!

Reach out to your Affiliates Manager with any questions!



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