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John Mc

John Mc

We’re telling a sort of story when we’re promoting ourselves or a brand.

Having a place to start can often help us get a much-needed push to set us off on our affiliate journey. Creating engaging content that has a genuine feel will draw in your audience and help convince them about the value of the products you promote.

When you’re promoting ChemiCloud you can use the following concepts to help build out the story you’ll tell to your audience.

Writing Prompts.

Detailed Review.

The tried-and-true classic, doing a review on your website can help your visitors to determine if the product is a match for their needs.

When you’re writing a review be sure to focus on an issue or a need. Discuss the features ChemiCloud offers to meet that need, or solve that issue. Also, focus on what you feel to be the best features of the service. When you mention them in the review, be sure to express why you feel that way about them.

Detailed Comparison.

If you’re also testing out the different services you promote, offering a comparison of ChemiCloud to another host provides additional places for you to use your Affiliate Link to generate sales.

When you’re writing the comparison, try to remain neutral when comparing each provider. Focus on the benefits of each, and be sure to give points to both brands throughout your article. Doing this will keep the reader guessing on the outcome of the article and keeps them on your site, reading. Be sure to research each provider so you understand them before you start, and just like with reviews focus on solving problems or satisfying a need.

Sales Offer.

ChemiCloud and many hosts in the industry offer deals regularly to help promote. You can take advantage of these as well, making pages for Black Friday sales, seasonal deals and more any time there’s merit to it. Each time you create a post or page, it generates more links and broadens the reach of your own website.

Typically an excited approach is used in telling people about upcoming or ongoing special offers. When writing articles about deals/sales, focus on the value and savings first. This focus on money will appeal to customers looking for a discount, and once you’ve caught their attention you can shift to one or two key features that are absolutely worth that money. Comparing the deal can sometimes also help, such as Hosting for $3/month being eqivelant to a cup of coffee.

Feature Review.

Instead of a review of ChemiCloud as a company, you can write a blog post or article about a specific problem(and only that specific problem) and how you solved it with our service.

These types or articles might start out with a story about some regular task or event that ended up plaguing you or your company. Going on to describe your experience in troubleshooting the matter, who you worked with and where you got stuck sets a scene so that when you move on to the solution (and how ChemiCloud’s service was key to it) it feels natural and genuine.

It should be noted, this type of story is best told from actual experience. And, the article should serve a purpose and not just exist without context. So bear that in mind, but this can be another decent way to share your affiliate link.

List Article.

Similar to the top-10 sites out there that list off the top 10 (or whatever number) web hosts, you can do your own. Place the hosts in an order and give each enough space to be visible and attractive to click on your website, and if there’s room, create a brief description beside each one.

Rather than storytelling, this type of link sharing still uses a unique page – but it’s more about the design and layout. For this I would recommend looking up in Google for your ‘top web hosting companies’ or ‘top 10 web hosts’ and similar terms. Find the pages that list a few hosts to get a sense of how they’re laid out, and there’s nothing stopping you from doing something similar yourself.


These are just a few ways you can share your affiliate link to earn sales. More than actual writing prompts, We’re providing you with concepts so that you understand some of the value and purpose of each of these kinds of articles and pages. These and more will help you grow your website and gain recognition as an authority in your market.

If you have questions reach out to your Affiliates Manager!

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