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What is .CO?

The .co domain is the Internet country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for the country of Colombia. It was created for Colombia in 1991 and serves as an alternative domain extension to the ever-popular .com extension. The .co extension is also used by major brands in case someone forgets the ‘m’ at the end of their .com, eliminating the possibility their visitors may be redirected to a potentially malicious third-party website.

Why Register a .CO Domain?

The .co domain extension is perfect for your company, business, or corporation. The .co domain extension is recognized all around the world as being associated with companies, corporations, or other commercial endeavors. When considering the perfect domain for your new venture, consider the .co domain!

Is the .CO domain right for me?

The .co extension is the perfect alternative to .com, or really, any domain extension. The extension is labeled as a gTLD by Google which means websites using this extension receive equal search engine optimization treatment. Also, CO is a well-known global acronym for Company. While the domain extension is truly a ccTLD for Colombia, it’s also become the unofficial domain extension of Colorado, United States!

How to Choose a .CO Domain Name? (5 Tips to Do It Right)


Stay simple

Don’t get complicated. An easy-to-remember domain is always best.


Keep it on-brand

Stay true to your brand. Be distinct but choose a domain your audience will recognize.


Add now

Don’t wait until it’s too late. That perfect domain could be gone by tomorrow if you don’t grab it now.


Drop the hyphens

Just because the internet is high-tech doesn’t mean your domain name should be.


Consider your options

Grab similar domain names to protect your brand: .net, .org, .co, or even .photo.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the .co ccTLD