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What is .com?

The .com domain is perhaps the world’s most recognized domain extension. Introduced in 1985 and originally managed by the United States Department of Defense, then later Network Solutions under the stewardship of Verisign. The .com TLD was originally intended for use by commercial entities but with no restrictions or requirements for registration, the TLD quickly became the top choice for new domain registrations once it was available to the public. To this day, .com remains the top choice for new domain registrations.

Why Register a .com Domain?

The .com extension has become the industry standard domain extension for new domain registrations. Everyone who uses the internet knows the .com TLD and most people recognize it as a safe extension associated with legitimate businesses. Using .com inspires faith and trust in your brand which helps the popularity of your website spread.

Is the .com domain right for me?

The .com domain is the perfect domain extension for any website because it is relatively generic. The .com extension doesn’t necessarily have to mean commercial. This genericism gives you an advantage when brainstorming what domain to use for your website. Websites using .com rank on search engines just as high as other TLDs, so keep that in mind when pondering whether to use this extension.

How to Choose a .com Domain Name? (5 Tips to Do It Right)


Stay simple

Don’t get complicated. An easy-to-remember domain is always best.


Keep it on-brand

Stay true to your brand. Be distinct but choose a domain your audience will recognize.


Add now

Don’t wait until it’s too late. That perfect domain could be gone by tomorrow if you don’t grab it now.


Drop the hyphens

Just because the internet is high-tech doesn’t mean your domain name should be.


Consider your options

Grab similar domain names to protect your brand: .net, .org, .co, or even .photo.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the .com TLD