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What is .mx Domain Extension?

The domain is a second-level country-code domain extension assigned to the country of Mexico. Introduced in 1989, the domain was reopened for new registrations by the general public in 2009. The domain is very popular with commercial entities in Mexico, as well as global brands who have acquired their equivalent for their local operations in Mexico.

Why Register a Domain?

The domain is perfect for all types of businesses operating in Mexico. The domain is widely known in Mexico and because of this, there is an inherent trust in businesses using the domain as being authentically Mexican. The domain is also perfect for non-commercial use, such as personal websites or portfolios, forums, and more, and has found quite the home with the Mexican community as a result of the domain’s versatility.

Is the domain right for me?

The domain is perfect for anyone operating a website in Mexico, even if your website is of a personal nature and doesn’t exist to make money. The domain extension is widely recognized in Mexico and is extremely popular as Mexico’s .com equivalent. Because is specific to Mexico, when using or other .mx search engines, your content will rank higher as the search engine will know your content is geared towards a Mexican audience.

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