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What is .name?

The .name domain is a gTLD introduced in 2001 intended for use by individuals to represent their name, nickname, “screen name”, pseudonym, or other identification. The domain was designed with the individual in mind, so registrations that are as wild and unique as everyone is encouraged with this domain extension. What’s in a name after all, unless you make one for yourself, right?

Why Register a .name Domain?

You should register a .name domain if you are looking to present yourself to the world. Your name is as unique as you, so whether you are a carpenter, librarian, or pianist, a .name domain tells the world the website is solely about you. Why let social media control how you look? Tell your story with a .name domain and be your true, authentic self. Share your truth using a .name domain today!

Is the .name domain right for me?

Your image or personal brand is based on what the world sees, hears, and knows about you. This is doubly, triply, even quadruply true in today’s digital world where social media can make you viral in a hot minute. Take ownership of your online image with a .name domain today. Use your personalized web address to share yourself with the world, define your brand, build your online space, and make success out of it!

How to Choose a .name Domain Name? (5 Tips to Do It Right)


Stay simple

Don’t get complicated. An easy-to-remember domain is always best.


Keep it on-brand

Stay true to your brand. Be distinct but choose a domain your audience will recognize.


Add now

Don’t wait until it’s too late. That perfect domain could be gone by tomorrow if you don’t grab it now.


Drop the hyphens

Just because the internet is high-tech doesn’t mean your domain name should be.


Consider your options

Grab similar domain names to protect your brand: .net, .org, .co, or even .photo.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the .name TLD