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What is .net?

The .net domain extension is the fifth most popular domain extension and like it’s sister, .com, is also widely known and recognized. Introduced in 1985 along with the original top-level domains and originally intended for use by network infrastructure and internet service providers, .net has become a home to more than 13.4 million domains.

Why Register a .net Domain?

The .net domain extension is one of the six oldest domain extensions on planet Earth. Because of its wide usage, the domain extension is widely recognized and is still used by major websites, such as The domain is treated by most as the primary alternative to .com, which means having a .net domain is still prestigious. You can also buy the .net equivalent of your company’s .com to redirect customers to your primary domain and keep bad actors from potentially using the same .net for malicious purposes.

Is the .net domain right for me?

The .net domain extension is a general-namespace domain, which means it’s pretty generic and applies in a lot of different use cases, unlike the .space or .love domain extensions. Because of this, .net domains can be used from anything such as blogs, e-commerce stores, design portfolios, and more. Have a clever business name, like Then go with what your heart says and grab that .net domain!

How to Choose a .net Domain Name? (5 Tips to Do It Right)


Stay simple

Don’t get complicated. An easy-to-remember domain is always best.


Keep it on-brand

Stay true to your brand. Be distinct but choose a domain your audience will recognize.


Add now

Don’t wait until it’s too late. That perfect domain could be gone by tomorrow if you don’t grab it now.


Drop the hyphens

Just because the internet is high-tech doesn’t mean your domain name should be.


Consider your options

Grab similar domain names to protect your brand: .net, .org, .co, or even .photo.

Find a .net domain alternative

Frequently Asked Questions about the .net TLD