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How to Change Namecheap Nameservers to Point Your Domain to ChemiCloud

This Knowledge Base article will cover how to change NameCheap nameservers of your domain to ChemiCloud nameservers.

Why You Should Change NameCheap Nameservers

The DNS service you use for your domain can significantly impact the TTFB performance of your website. Using a highly scalable and available DNS service ensures high performance worldwide. All ChemiCloud plans include a premium DNS service.

Typically, domain registrars do not provide customers with a premium DNS service like ChemiCloud DNS. For this reason, we recommend switching nameservers to ours if your domain is registered with NameCheap and you are hosting your website with us.

What are my ChemiCloud Nameservers?

You can find your ChemiCloud nameservers by clicking on the Server Information icon inside the ChemiCloud dashboard.

To learn more, we published an easy guide explaining how to locate your Nameservers inside of the Client Area here.

How to Change NameCheap Nameservers

Step 1) Click here to open the Login page for your NameCheap Dashboard. Then enter your username and password and click the orange Sign In and Continue button.

Step 2) When your Dashboard opens, click Domain List on the left side.


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Step 3) Locate the domain for which you want to change nameservers and click the Manage button (located to the far right).

Step 4) When the Domain Details page loads, examine the page for the NAMESERVERS dropdown menu. Click the menu and choose Custom DNS.

Step 5) You will now have the option to enter your nameservers.

Be sure to click the + ADD NAMESERVER button to add the third nameserver as you are only given 2 nameserver fields by default.

Click the green check box to save your changes when you have finished. Your Nameservers should look similar to the ones below:

Be sure to click the green check box! That’s it! Your changes will now propagate.

Important Information About Changing Nameservers:

Nameserver changes are not instant. They require up to 24 hours to propagate globally. There are a lot of DNS servers to update with this new information, so definitely allow time for this information to propagate successfully.

Transfer Your Domain To ChemiCloud

There is no need to juggle separate providers, contacts, and services when you can have everything you need all in one place.

If you’d like to manage your nameservers and your hosting in the same place, here at ChemiCloud, you should consider transferring your domain(s) from NameCheap to ChemiCloud.

1) Head over to our Domain Transfer page and enter the domain name you wish to transfer to ChemiCloud and the domain Transfer Code (EPP) in the appropriate text field (your current domain registrar should provide this code).

2) Click the “Order Now“ button.

3) You will be asked if you require hosting as well. Click the “Continue“ button to finalize only the domain transfer without hosting.

Click the ‘Checkout‘ button to send your domain transfer request.

A domain name transfer can take up to six (6) days to complete. Once the domain name transfer is complete, you will receive a confirmation by email.

Updated on April 5, 2022

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