cPanel Primary Domain Change

It is possible to change the primary domain on your account/in cPanel, however there are a few implications when you do this. This Knowledge Base article will cover these implications and give you more information on the subject so you can make an informed decision on whether you still want to change your primary domain in cPanel.

Things to Consider Before Requesting a cPanel Primary Domain Change

Important Change #1: When the primary domain name is changed, your website may go offline temporarily if the old domain is still configured in its supporting database or configuration files. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and other applications hold the domain name in their databases and must be updated with the new primary domain name to restore access.

Important Change #2: If the primary domain name was registered for free (free life domain), with the primary domain name change, that domain name won’t we free anymore, but it will be renewed at the regular rate. It is mandatory that the free domain which you have initially registered to be set as the primary domain name of the hosting service. Otherwise, the billing system won’t be able to renew it for free.

Important Change #3: When you request a primary domain name change, all email addresses associated with the former domain will be automatically updated to use your new primary domain. For example: [email protected] will become [email protected] Existing emails in your account will be retained and there will be no change to your webmail password. However, you will need to update your email clients with your new domain name.

Important Change #4:Any additional ChemiCloud services associated with your former primary domain name (for example, domain privacy, SiteLock, SSL Certificates) will remain associated with that domain, even after the change. These services will need to be repurchased for the new domain and existing services canceled if the former domain will no longer be used.

Given that primary domain changes can have an impact on your website and the applications on it, we wanted to ensure our customers were aware of the changes and implications in doing so.

How to Request a cPanel Primary Domain Change

If you have reviewed these changes and still wish to change your primary domain, not to worry, we can do that for you!

Just submit a request from your Client Area and our team will get you sorted 24×7!

Once we review the required information, we will proceed with your primary domain change.

Updated on January 9, 2022

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  1. I need to change them main domain of “xntrasmo” account to
    “” and to have permanent redirections to this new main domain

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