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Primary Domain Name Changes: What You Need to Know

Changing the primary domain on your account or in cPanel is possible, but it comes with certain effects.

Read this Knowledge Base article for a detailed understanding of these effects and to help you decide if you should change your primary domain in cPanel.

Things to Consider Before Requesting a Primary Domain Change

Key Update #1: Temporary Website Downtime

Changing your primary domain name can cause your website to go offline temporarily. This happens if your old domain is still set up in the database or configuration files of your website’s software (like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!). To get your website back online, the new domain name needs to be updated in these systems.

Key Update #2: Email Address Changes

When you change your primary domain, all email addresses linked to the old domain will automatically update to the new domain. For instance, an email like [email protected] will change to [email protected]. Your emails and webmail password will stay the same, but you’ll need to update your email settings with the new domain.

Key Update #2: Services Tied to Your Old Domain

Services like domain privacy, SiteLock, and SSL Certificates linked to your old primary domain will not automatically transfer to the new domain. If you want these services for your new domain, you’ll need to purchase them again. Cancel these services for the old domain if it’s no longer in use.

Overall Impact We want you to be aware that changing your primary domain can affect your website and its features. It’s important to understand these changes and what they mean for your site.

Potential Technical Task Fee for Certain Primary Domain Changes

For tasks that require substantial technical involvement from our team, such as moving files between website folders, making intricate modifications to files or databases, or conducting comprehensive search-replace operations in the database (like updating domain names), a fee of $10 might be applied. This fee is not a blanket charge; it is only considered for manual tasks requiring more time for our team’s expertise and effort.

This fee is specifically for manual tasks that take our team more time to handle, reflecting the expertise and time investment required to ensure your domain change is smooth and error-free. We believe this approach aligns with our goal of providing high-quality, efficient service while encouraging a thoughtful approach to domain changes.

We encourage you to consider this potential fee when planning your primary domain change requests.

How to Request a cPanel Primary Domain Change

If you have reviewed these changes and still wish to change your primary domain, not to worry, we can do that for you!

Just submit a request from your Client Area and our team will get you sorted 24×7!

Once we review the required information, we will proceed with your primary domain change.

Updated on December 6, 2023
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  1. I need to change them main domain of “xntrasmo” account to
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