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Common WordPress Errors And How To Fix Them

WordPress is great software and very easy to use, but it is after all – software. Sometimes things go wrong or there are bugs in the code. When you encounter one, it’s important not to panic. The good news is, someone has probably experienced the same problem you’re having and has solved it.

In this KB Article, we will cover the most common WordPress errors along with how to resolve them.

How To Fix An Internal Server Error in WordPress

The 500 status code, means that the server cannot process the request for an unknown reason.

If you’ve recently attempted to reach your WordPress website and instead received a message stating “Internal Server Error“, we have created a list of fixes that you can try on your end.

Learn how to fix the WordPress Internal Server Error.

How To Fix A Syntax Error in WordPress

This error usually occurs when you have accidentally missed something or your website’s code has incorrect syntax. This will result into a parse error and you will see a warning like:

WordPress Syntax Error

Fixing these is pretty easy if you know what you’re looking for.

Learn how to fix a WordPress Syntax Error.

To to fix the WordPress “Error Establishing Database Connection” error

If you’ve recently attempted to reach your WordPress-based website and instead received a message stating “Error Establishing Database Connection“, the cause is most often one of the following:

  • The database has crashed
  • The database login credentials are incorrect in your WordPress configuration file
  • The WordPress database tables have been damaged

We will walk through these issues one at a time to determine if they affect you, and how to fix them.

Learn how to fix the WordPress “Error Establishing Database Connection” error.

How To Fix The WordPress White Screen of Doom

You’ve probably seen it before – the dreaded white screen of doom in WordPress. Named as such because, well it’s a white screen and your WordPress site just appears dead.  Whether you see a white screen or a critical error message, the error is still the same. This can happen for a few reasons, including bad themes and plugins, or if there’s an issue with the webserver. Due to the variety of causes for this error, troubleshooting it can take some time.

Learn how to fix the WordPress White Screen of Doom

How To Fix the WordPress 404 Error

Typically users who encounter this error are still able to access their /wp-admin pages and their main blog page, but when they open specific posts they are greeted with a 404 error. Don’t worry, your content is still there.

This error typically happens when something happens with your .htaccess file. For example, it may have been deleted or become corrupted. However, this error can also happen when something has gone wrong with Rewrite Rules.

Learn how to fix WordPress 404 error.

How To Fix WordPress Image Upload Issues

Have you ever tried to upload an image to your WordPress’ media library and experienced problems? Quite possibly! For many people, image upload errors can be quite confusing because they can appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Learn how to fix WordPress Image Upload issues.

How to Fix WordPress Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error

Are you seeing the ‘Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance’ error in WordPress? This error usually appears while updating WordPress core, plugins, or themes. Essentially, when this error occurs, your WordPress installation has failed to finish the update and left your site in maintenance mode.

Learn how to fix “WordPress – Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance” Error.

How to fix WordPress Not Sending Emails Issues

Have you ever had a plugin in WordPress set to notify you of certain actions by email, but the emails either arrive sporadically or never arrive at all? Regrettably, even if your web host is properly configured, using the integrated mail functions of WordPress can still result in a high failure rate. Because of this, it can be very frustrating.

Learn how to fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issues.

How to Fix The WordPress Too Many Redirects Error

This error usually occurs due to a misconfigured redirection issue. As you may know. WordPress operates on a SEO Friendly URL Structure to make it easier for crawlers from Google, Bing, and other search engines (yes, there are others!) to find content on your website.

Learn how to fix the WordPress Error – Too Many Redirects.

Updated on January 18, 2021

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