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How To Transfer A Domain From IONOS

This tutorial will cover how to transfer a domain from Ionos to a different domain provider.

Things to Consider Before Transferring Your Domain Away from IONOS

  1. Before going further with the domain transfer, it is important to know that when a domain name is transferred away, the name servers associated with your domain stay the same during the transfer from one registrar to the other. So for example, if your domain name is using the default name servers of Ionos, those name servers will be preserved during the transfer and you won’t be able to change the name servers until the transfer is complete.
    This means that if you switched to another web hosting provider, and your website was migrated already, before initiating a domain transfer make sure that your domain name is pointed to the name servers of the new provider. As we previously mentioned – you won’t be able to change the name servers until the transfer is complete.
  2. Domain Name Registrations and Web Hosting are separate services. The domain name transfer process will not automatically migrate your website. If you are a ChemiCloud customer and you wish to transfer your website from your web host, please submit a migration request from your client area. Our migrations experts will move your existing sites and emails free of charge, seamlessly, and with no downtime.
  3. The transfer of your domain name will include the renewal of your domain with another year. So for instance, if your domain is due to expire on the 1st of January 2025, once the transfer is complete, the new expiration date will be the 1st of January 2026.
  4. Make sure that the domain has not been registered or transferred in the last 60 days.
  5. Make sure that the domain is in the  ‘Active Period’ and not in the ‘Redemption Grace Period’ or ‘Pending Delete’ period.

How To Transfer A Domain From IONOS

Step 1: Click here to open the Ionos login page. In the top right corner of the webpage, click the Sign In button.

You will be prompted to login into your Ionos Account:

Step 2: After signing into your Ionos Account, click on MENU and navigate to Domains & SSL.

On the next page, you will see a list of all domains registered in your Ionos account.

Find the domain you wish to transfer away from Ionos and click the wheel icon to the right of the domain listing then navigate to Renewal & Transfer.

Step 2: While on the Renewal & Transfer page, see the Change provider section and click on the Show Authorization Code option.

Get Authorization Code Ionos

Your auth code will be displayed. You can use this code at the new registrar to transfer the domain away from Ionos.


Auth/EPP codes are required for all .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, .info, .me, .co, .io, .ca, .tv, .in, .mobi, .cc, .pe, .com.pe, .net.pe, .org.pe, .tech, .top, .party, .loan, .faith and other new gTLD domains. If you cannot request an EPP code in account with your Registrar, contact them and ask them to provide it.

Step 3: While on the Renewal & Transfer page, the final step is to unlock your domain name. See the Domain transfer lock section and click on the Disable Private Registration option.

Disable Domain Transfer Lock Ionos
And that’s how you unlock your domain at Ionos and request your EPP code to transfer the domain.

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How to Request a Domain Transfer to ChemiCloud

Once you have your EPP code and have confirmed the domain is unlocked, and privacy is disabled, follow the steps to initiate the domain transfer.


We’ll assume that you have already unlocked the domain at its current registrar and have the authorization code (sometimes called an EPP key) from Ionos.

1) Head over to our Domain Transfer page and enter the domain name you wish to transfer to ChemiCloud and the domain Transfer Code (EPP) in the appropriate text field (your current domain registrar should provide this code).

2) Click the “Order Now“ button.

3) You will be asked if you require hosting as well. Click the “Continue“ button to finalize only the domain transfer without hosting.

Click the ‘Checkout‘ button to send your domain transfer request.

A domain name transfer can take up to six (6) days. Once the domain name transfer is complete, you will receive a confirmation by email.

That’s it! You know how to transfer your domain away from Ionos, whether with another company or us. (But we are pretty awesome, lol).

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Updated on January 8, 2023

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