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8 Common Reasons for a Domain Transfer to Fail

Occasionally when transferring domains, even though you thought you had everything sorted, you initiate that domain transfer and it fails.

We created this Knowledgebase Article to highlight some of the reasons a domain transfer has failed.

Reasons for a Domain Transfer to Fail

Awaiting Owner Response or Approval

When you attempt to transfer a domain away from a registrar, an email will be sent to the listed registrant/owner email address in the WHOIS for that domain. If you are seeing the status “Awaiting Owner Response or Approval” it means the owner of the domain hasn’t authorized the transfer but also hasn’t denied it. They need to take action on the email they received regarding the transfer.

Check Admin Email Address (May Be Incorrect)

As mentioned above, in order to transfer a domain, the current owner contact must approve the transfer. If you are seeing the status “Check Admin Email Address (May Be Incorrect)” when attempting a domain transfer, it means the email address for the Administrative contact is probably invalid or an old email that is now undeliverable. You’ll want to update this in that domain’s WHOIS records.

Domain is Locked

Your domain transfer request will fail if the domain is currently locked. In order to proceed with the transfer, you must unlock the domain at it’s present registrar.

60 Day Post-Renewal Waiting Period

A domain must be at least 60 days past it’s registration date or the date when it was last transferred. You’ll need to wait until 60 days have passed, then you can resubmit your request.

60 Day Ownership Update Waiting Period

If the owner of the domain has changed their first or last name in their WHOIS, the domain may be locked for transfer for another 60 days. This is to prevent fraud.

Expired Domain

A domain transfer will fail if your domain is expired. You must first renew the domain, then wait 60 days, before you can re-request the domain transfer.

Domain Set to Private

Your domain transfer request will fail if the domain privacy or WHOIS Privacy on your domain is enabled. In order to complete the transfer, you must disable the domain privacy feature at the current registrar.

Authorization Code Not Provided

If you didn’t provide the authorization or EPP code when attempting the domain transfer, the transfer will fail. You must request the EPP/Authorization Key from the current registrar to transfer it to another registrar.

How to Request a Domain Transfer to ChemiCloud

Once you have your EPP code and have confirmed the domain is unlocked and privacy is disabled, follow the steps to initiate the domain transfer.

We’ll assume that you have already unlocked the domain at its current registrar and that you also have the authorization code (sometimes called an EPP key) from your domain registrar.

1) Head over to our Domain Transfer page and enter the domain name you wish to transfer to ChemiCloud and the domain Transfer Code (EPP) in the appropriate text field (your current domain registrar should provide this code).

2) Click the “Order Now“ button.

3) You will be asked if you require hosting as well. Click the “Continue“ button to finalize only the domain transfer without hosting.

Click the ‘Checkout‘ button to send your domain transfer request.

A domain name transfer can take up to six (6) days to complete. Once the domain name transfer is complete, you will receive a confirmation by email.

That’s it!

Updated on March 18, 2022

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