Introducing Our New Reseller Hosting Plans

Aust 10, 2021

While many of you have been pleased with our legacy Reseller Hosting plans, some still weren’t satisfied with certain aspects of the plan, such as the amount of storage given, or the total number of cPanel accounts you were allowed. 

In response to this, today we’re proud to announce Storage-Optimized and cPanel Accounts-Optimized hosting plans to give you even more flexibility when choosing a Reseller Hosting plan. 

We’ve updated not only the disk storage and the number of cPanel accounts per plan, but we’ve also increased the memory for each resold cPanel account from 1.5 GB to 2 GB for increased website performance.

These are the new Storage-Optimized plans:

Kickstart: 60 GB storage, 30 cP accounts
Grow: 90 GB storage, 60 cP accounts
Expand: 140 GB storage, 80 cP accounts
Established: 200 GB storage, 100 cP accounts

These are the new cPanel Accounts-Optimized plans:

Kickstart: 60 cP accounts, 30 GB
Grow: 90 cP accounts, 60 GB
Expand: 140 cP accounts, 80 GB
Established: 200 cP accounts, 100 GB

ChemiCloud appreciates our loyal customers, and to you, we offer the choice of staying on your legacy plans, or you can move to a new one – whichever suits your needs best. If you’d like to change to one of our new Reseller Hosting plans, feel free to contact our Support team to assist you.

Feel free to take a look at our new reseller hosting plans.