Get Ultra-Fast Website Performance with NVMe Storage

August 12, 2022

We’re excited to announce new updates for our customers: We've rolled out ultra-fast, better-performing, and more reliable NVMe-backed Storage service across multiple worldwide data centers

NVMe (nonvolatile memory express) is the hardware interface for next-generation SSDs (solid-state drives). 

This new technology provides a significant improvement over traditional spinning hard disk drives. With increased throughput by 10-20x and up to 2000x improvement in IOPS, this is a game-changing innovation for the data storage industry.

If you're looking for a serious performance upgrade for your web application, look no further than NVMe-backed Storage. This type of storage is significantly faster than traditional storage options, making it ideal for transactional services such as databases and e-commerce websites. With NVMe-backed Storage, your web application can run more efficiently and with less latency.

NVMe latency is typically less than half that of a spinning disk drive, meaning faster performance overall.

NVMe block storage has already been deployed to most of our data centers. Upgrades to the NVMe infrastructure will soon be completed across all remaining data centers. This will provide faster storage and improved performance for our customers.

Dallas (Texas, USA) - Deployed
Frankfurt (Germany) - Deployed
London (United Kingdom) - Deployed
Mumbai (India) - Deployed
New York (New York, USA) - Deployed
Singapore - Deployed
Sydney (Australia) - Deployed
Tokyo (Japan) - Deployed
Toronto (Canada) - Deployed
San Francisco (California, USA) - Deployed

We hope you like this change. As we continue to find ways to optimize our infrastructure, we plan on passing those benefits on to you, our customers.