Updates Regarding The Termination Of Services

February 9, 2024

We've carefully considered your feedback and are pleased to announce updates to our hosting service termination policy.

We've encountered challenges with late payments, particularly from our reseller-hosting clients. Often, payments have been delayed for a variety of reasons, resulting in service termination. Reactivating accounts involves a manual process that is time-consuming, leading to delays and inconvenience for our customers.

To improve the situation, we've extended the termination period for shared hosting services from 4 days to 14 days. This extension allows additional time for invoice payments, enabling services to be restored quickly and effortlessly.

Please be aware, in the event of a late payment, the service will be suspended but not terminated until 14 days post the due date. This provides ample time to resolve any issues.

Here are the details regarding late payments:

Should an account remain unpaid at the end of its Term, a one (1) day grace period will be granted. Failure to make payment within this grace period will result in service suspension. ChemiCloud reserves the right to terminate services fourteen (14) days after the payment due date for Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Reseller Hosting, and three (3) days post due date for VPS Hosting.

Regarding exceptions to the 1-day grace period:

Indeed, exceptions are possible. While we typically offer a one-day grace period by default, we may extend an additional two days (48 hours) to this period for each service once a month.

A note on flexibility: We pride ourselves on being adaptable and understanding. Therefore, in exceptional, singular instances, our team is prepared to extend the grace period further.

However, it's important to remember that these extensions are not guaranteed and will be assessed on an individual basis.