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John Mc

John Mc

Specific Chemicloud annual (or longer) plans include a free domain registration for one year. This is something we’ve offered for quite a while now.

Til now, people transferring a domain in to ChemiCloud were often given a chance to transfer at a discount with a code. Well, not anymore!

Free Domain Transfer

Available immediately, new ChemiCloud customers can request a free domain transfer! We’ve launched a public page on our site which you can view here and use in your marketing.

I have a domain

Why the change?

Well, to put it plainly we worked hard over the last 6 months with our registration partners and we’ve managed to secure savings that help us pass on transfers as a value-add to our customers. Each and every time we reach out to a vendor or partner brand of ours, our goals are always to find mutual benefit for them and us, and we take the ‘our benefit’ part and pass on savings and offers direct to consumers. If you’re looking for a short answer on why – it’s “to be helpful, and to build trust”. It helps us to expand our offerings, landing pages, and meet the needs of a greater market.

The caveat.

Yes, there’s a ‘but’.

And it’s called exclusivity – Basically, because we offer a Free Domain Registration as well as a Free Domain Transfer – we need to be clear in that when a customer purchases service with us – they can choose one of these two options – not both!


And that’s it! We can now register OR transfer a domain in for new customers on annual plans(as advertised on our product pages)! It’s another way we can give back to our customers, and another brand new way you can promote our services.

If you have any questions – as always reach out to your Affiliates Manager at any time!



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