Email Blacklisting: Our Solution So You’ll Never Worry About it Again!



Email blacklisting is a practice employed by organizations that operate email systems to minimize the receipt of spam into their mailboxes. A blacklist is a publicly available real-time database that receiving servers can query to obtain information on the reputation of an IP address or domain.

If a server’s IP address gets listed on a blacklist such as SpamHaus, SPAMCOP or CBL, any email sent from the server will get blocked by organizations that use the blacklist and your email will either end up in the Spam folder or won’t get delivered at all.

There was a recent analysis of all email traffic done by Cisco Systems which shows that spam email volume rose significantly last year. They tracked spam using opt-in customer telemetry, and the data show that spam email now accounts for 65% of all emails sent.

Email Blacklisting era is over – Stop worrying about your mail delivery rates!

We want to keep you focused on your business and not deal with email issues; we know how frustrating is to have your emails blocked.

Staying off blacklists and protecting IP reputation is a priority for ChemiCloud.

That’s why we partnered with anti-spam service provider MailChannels which identifies spammers within our network to improve your email reputation and ensure reliable email delivery for all our customers.

MailChannels Outbound Filtering

MailChannels is a leading provider of outbound anti-spam solutions which automatically detects and blocks compromised email accounts and alerts the email user so appropriate action can be taken.

How does MailChannels work?

MailChannels uses digital signature technology, checking the content of each email message against a real-time updated database of known spam signatures and consults external databases such as domain and IP reputation services to identify email messages relating to known spammers.

They also track dozens of statistics about each email sender, monitoring unusual trends, suspicious content, recipient validation failures, and other statistical signals enable identification of spammers. MailChannels Mail system eliminates IP blacklisting problems related to compromised email accounts and spam by blocking the spam messages, this way you don’t have to worry about the email IP ever being blacklisted.

You can rest assured that your emails will be delivered as this service is currently running on all our hosting services.

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