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What is .BLOG?

Back in the 90s, those of us who published online in some form kept what was commonly called a “web log”. These took many forms, such as someone’s daily journals, product updates from your favorite companies, and more. When used on a business site, they give your customers a glimpse at the person behind the curtain, making them feel more connected to your brand and company. Blogs are also great for internal use to share company news and updates with your team!

Why Register a .BLOG Domain?

Having a .blog equivalent for your website, such as, keeps your company and branding in your customers mind, along with directing them right to your blog. This gives your customers a direct path to your latest updates and also has a nice side effect - boosting your search engine rankings. This is because search engines perceive an additional property to your domain as more proof that you are a legitimate and reputable business.

Is the .BLOG domain right for me?

The .blog domain extension is right for any site that’s running a blog. Whether you’re a media organization with a sophisticated blog running on Drupal, a self published writer running a blog on WordPress, or a developer using Hexo, Jekyll, or Hugo, the .blog domain is perfect for you! Creating a blog is easy, only requires a little time to update when you want, helps you sell more, and improves your search engine rankings. What more do you need? Ditch the subdomain or /blog you’re using for your existing blog, and get that .blog domain extension today!

How to Choose a .BLOG Domain Name? (5 Tips to Do It Right)


Stay simple

Don’t get complicated. An easy-to-remember domain is always best.


Keep it on-brand

Stay true to your brand. Be distinct but choose a domain your audience will recognize.


Add now

Don’t wait until it’s too late. That perfect domain could be gone by tomorrow if you don’t grab it now.


Drop the hyphens

Just because the internet is high-tech doesn’t mean your domain name should be.


Consider your options

Grab similar domain names to protect your brand: .net, .org, .co, or even .photo.

Find a .biz domain alternative

.BLOG Domain Frequently Asked Questions